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Most crew on set won’t understand your colors, products, brushes, goops, prosthetics, but we just know for the actors to look their best on set, it is because of you. Last looks anyone? Celebrate your department because you are the glam squad. We all want to look and be like you. We all secretly wished we could sit in your chair so you can work your magic. 

This is the sticker to let people know you will be charging to "help" with their Halloween makeup or really any makeup. You make people look and feel their best. 

Okay all other departments, this is THE WAY to impress that cute HMU guy or gal. Get them a department sticker for a wrap gift. Hair and makeup department heads, show your love for your makeup assistants, hair stylists, and special effects team. 

This looks great on any makeup case. 


3X3 Vinyl Matte Hair & Makeup Department Sticker