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No matter what time of day, your department is usually the provider of that special adult beverage that connects crews and cast together. The elixir of life that  wipes away the stress and problems of the day (albeit temporarily) away. Time doesn’t always heal all, but a nice refreshing grip water sure does 99% of the time. Nothing says:

  • I appreciate you
  • I’m sorry
  • Don’t hate me
  • We’re grips 
  • We’re electric
  • That’s a wrap
  • F*** overnights
  • I guess I will still come back to work tomorrow
  • It’s fine. 

...better than the moment you get a grip water in hand and drink by yourself or with your team. 

This looks great on any pelican case orequipment cart. It most certainly is a great gift for that cute set guy or gal that you hope will give you their number or look at you twice at the wrap party. 

Oval Matte Sticker 3X3 - Grip Water