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GRIP & ELECTRIC Department Sticker

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We all know you are not the same department, but we still like to put you on the same walkie channels and call you G&E. Secretly, we know we could never survive the day building frames, carrying c-stands, lugging sand bags, or getting juice to power up the entire production. Without you, who would provide the film set grip waters? Without you, who would unashamedly hit on anything that walks? 

Display it loud and proud. You are the one and only grip & electric department. There is no one quite like you.


This looks great on any pelican case and equipment cart. It most certainly is a great gift for that cute G&E guy or gal that you hope will give you their number or look at you twice at the wrap party, or maybe a gift for that cast member to remember you by. 


3x3 Vinyl Matte Grip & Electric Get Reelisms Sticker