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FART Department Sticker

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From the props to every curtain and wallpaper color, you create the cinematic world that we escape into. Maybe it is barely held together by super glue, nails, and tape, but it sure looks good on camera! You live semi-hoarder lives and when you’re on set, half of your personal things miraculously appear in the scene  and when you wrap, it magically reappears back in your homes. 

You definitely need that vintage typewriter at the estate sale, even though you already own 5. 


You can build anything and nothing pisses you off more than someone touching your props! Yes, the prop food looks better than catering, but that doesn’t mean you get to eat it! But really, don’t eat that… it has been sitting out for the entire 12 hour day and has all sorts of crap on it. 

Show your love for your fellow art geeks. All you lovely Art Department folks. 

This looks great on any pelican case and art cart. It most certainly is a great gift for that cute art guy or gal that you hope will give you their number or look at you twice at the wrap party. 

3X3 Vinyl Matte (f) Art Department Get Reelisms Sticker