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“Not only is it clever with great art work....I can use this to my students who are inexperienced working on sets and it's gonna do a great educating them and keeping them engaged.”

- Dana Wing Lau, Actress & Teacher

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“This is an awesome, fun book. As a freelancer, I’m putting it out on my coffee table to spark conversations about my work. “So what do you do?” they ask. ‘Oh let me show you this fun book that gives you some insight into my weird film world’
And I can totally see this book being a gift for film students. There is TONS of industry lingo and this book illustrates it so well. It’s a great reference book for all the weird things we say. And the probably the one of the best gifts you could get a film student or an aspiring filmmaker"

- Teresa Seale, Actress & Freelancer


“I've been lucky enough to snag one of these books for my bookshelf. I'm a theater trained actor who has limited experience on a film set, and this book helped me feel more in touch with what is going on when I'm on set. To be honest, I wish this was given to all my fellow acting colleagues in college. It would have definitely made the film world feel a little less scary to us all. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

- David Allan Barrera, Actor


“Great little resource for those who want to be more fluent in the world of film production! Each page has helpful (and often pun-tastic) pictures that help make the concepts stick. An easy way to save time in Film School -- or to make sure you ace your classes!”

- Paul Kolker, Filmmaker


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